Our Focus

Pet owners say companionship, love, company and affection are the number one benefits of owning a pet.  According to the National Pet Owners Survey (NPOS), pet ownership is currently at its highest level, with 63% of all U.S. households owning a pet which equates to more than 69 million households.  Americans own approximately 73 million dogs and 90 million cats.  The steady increase in pet ownership confirms that a growing number of us are realizing pets truly enhance our lives.  Pets not only provide unconditional love and affection, research now shows that they also provide significant health benefits.  All this may be why pets are now an integral part of the family, however, every year over one million pets go without veterinary care in the United States because their owners can’t afford it. 

These statistics further support the need for the Animal Care and Assistance Fund to maintain the highest standards of pet health care available anywhere.  The “Emergency Assistance Fund” will help treat animals who might otherwise be put down or suffer needlessly. The Rogan Rexford Animal Blood Bank will ethically provide a blood source for transfusion therapy for sick and injured animals.  Moreover, Internship & Research Programs will constantly and consistently provide updates on the latest confirmed data to inform, inspire, and educate.

Please explore all of our special funds below, and learn how you can help support our mission of helping family pets who are in need of emergency or specialty care at PVSEC

Our Programs

Emergency Assistance Fund

Pets are a vital part of many families, yet every year more than one million pets go without critical veterinary care in the United States.  Although there is a financial responsibility in caring for a beloved pet, it is devastating when an owner’s financial situation makes them unable to provide veterinary care for a treatable, yet life-threatening conditions.


The Rogan Rexford Animal Blood Bank

Sometimes our pets have emergencies and illnesses requiring life-saving transfusions… just like humans.  With the advances in veterinary medicine, there is a tremendous need for canine and feline blood components. The Rogan Rexford Animal Blood Bank has over 



Cancer Care Fund (Asta's Angel Fund)

In 2008, the Cancer Care Fund was created to memorialize Charles & Laura Aftomis' beloved wire haired fox terrier, Asta, who passed away from lymphoma. After her passing, they wanted to help others who couldn't afford the costs associated with cancer treatments.



Eye Care Fund (Maggie's Fund)

Maggie's Fund was started by Kristy and Rick Wright in honor of their very special Maltese, Maggie. Maggie suffers from glaucoma, is blind in one eye, but with the help of the great care she receives at PVSEC, she has retained sight in her other eye. Maggie has been a real trooper through many procedures and special medications every day. Maggie's Fund was created so that other wonderful pets could receive the same excellent care that Maggie has had throughout her lifetime.


Oral Care Fund (Oliver's Fund)

In 2010, the Oral Care Fund was created in honor of Charles & Laura Aftomis' mixed breed dog, Oliver, who become extremely sensitive to plaque and tartar which required dental procedures. Once again, they wanted to help other families in need, who were treating their pets with oral disease or injury.



Pittsburgh Area K-9 Units

Retired dogs from the canine unit are many times adopted by the police officers who worked with them.  After their service days, these animals no longer have veterinary care provided by the police department, and their owners are responsible for all expenses.  ACAF has this special fund to honor these exceptional dogs for their distinguished service, and to help provide for any specialty or emergency services they need.


Internship Program
ACAF will provide financial and logistical support which will contribute to the training of tomorrow’s leaders in veterinary medicine. Internship in a multi-specialty veterinary facility such as PVSEC will provide an exceptional experience for those wishing to go into private practice, or those aspiring to become board-certified veterinarian specialists.

Humane Research and Clinical Studies
Animal Care and Assistance Fund is committed to supporting humane research and clinical studies to improve the health and quality of life of all companion pets. Such research will support the development of new and more effective methods for diagnosis, prevention and treatment of animal diseases, while ensuring that the studies will be pure, safe, and effective.

Ambulatory Care
A vision for the future is to have a vehicle and staff to provide ambulatory care for emergency service.